What you would find in our stores

If you come to visit us in one of our stores in Palermo or London, what you will find in front of you will be this: many shelves full of delicacies, typical and traditional products, others unique and rare, the colors of fresh fruit and vegetables, the scent of the ready meals of our gastronomy, the intense aroma of cured meats and cheeses with an irresistible taste.

Two of the qualities that are often attributed to Italians are hospitality and sharing, and that is why in our stores you can not only buy our traditional products, but also get comfortable and have lunch in a warm and informal environment.

We personally take care of the entire process of selecting, distributing, exporting and promoting and, together with our direct suppliers, we are able to guarantee fresh products every week. Also, just because we truly believe in inclusiveness and sharing, in our assortment you will always find products from other countries, such as France and Spain.

Good part of our stores is dedicated to what makes us most proud: the Giù Giù brand line, an entire selection of some of the best productions made in Sicily, including sauces, honeys and preserves born in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean.


Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables from trusted farmers, and some typical products, such as Marsala tomatoes or Ribera oranges, straight from Sicily to give you a taste of the true flavor of our land.

We select untreated fruit and vegetables that stand out for their flavour, and we try to always respect the seasonality of some products, like artichoke or summer fruit like watermelon.




Italian charcuterie & cheeses

In our cured-meats and cheese counter, you will always find the excellence of Italian productions, carefully selected to satisfy the taste and the curiosity of all kind of customers.

The precious Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, the tasty Primosale, the unique Groppino Padovano and the special Coppa Veneta are just some examples of what we have chosen to represent our country.




When you think of Italy, the gold of pasta, the green of olive oil and the red of tomato come to mind.

And in our London store you will find some of the best Italian brands: Alce Nero, Rummo, Campisi, Barbera, everything you need to prepare excellent dishes in the comfort of your home.

Explore our shelves, and you will find our Giù Giù brand, that has everything you could imagine to fill your pantry with: the best food Sicily could offer.



In our stores you can take a break from your daily chores and enjoy your meal in a comfy place, surrounded by the scent of delicious Italian food, or you can bring it home and taste the flavour of Mediterranean delicacies, prepared with fresh ingredients and made following our tradition.

Sandwiches, salads, first and second courses, and there is no shortage of vegetarian and vegan proposals, as well as gluten free dishes - including cold cuts and cheeses, with the possibility of eat-in or take-away



For us, the quality and authenticity of the products always come first. This is why we prefer natural and organic labels for our wines as well, and in our cozy and informal wine-corner you will find a selection of both well-known Italian and international wines, but also exclusive ones created by small producers.

Furthermore, not only can you take an excellent wine with you, but you can also decide to enjoy it while tasting one of our platter of tasty cheese and cured-meats, and we will chill it for you in three minutes, thanks to our blast chiller.



You can enjoy a Morettino's organic coffee accompanied by small pastries made by Italian artisans in Wimbledon, and still feeling like you’re in a little café in Italy.
Have French specialties such as croissants up to classic English desserts such as carrot cake or brownies.
We are very proud of our selection of bread coming from an Altamura baker, who produces directly in his bakery in London, so you can enjoy a tasty and crunchy bread everyday. There is no shortage of sweet Sicilian specialties, such as Cassata, Cannoli filled at the moment or organic cakes.