Do you want to ship our products in Europe?

  • Is there a minimum order for your shipping service?
    Yes, the minimum order is € 30.

  • What are the shipping methods?
    In Europe we ship with Standard mode.

  • What are the costs?
    The cost of shipping is € 24.90 within 20 kg. If you are interested in an order over 20kg or in large volumes, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will provide you with a special price list and a personalized shipping quote.

  • What are the shipping times?
    Generally, we ship your order within 24 hours from the date of receipt; in the event that you have to order large quantities of a product or this is not immediately available at the stores, we will notify you about the processing and shipping times.

  • What are the delivery times?
    It depends on the country of destination; the courier tends to deliver in about a week.

  • What is your partner courier?
    For shipments to Europe we rely on DHL.

  • What can I ship?
    We can ship most of the products in our assortment, with a couple of exceptions: we cannot ship fresh cured meats and cheeses but only aged ones; we cannot ship meat and fish and, in some countries only, we cannot ship alcohol. If you have any doubt or question, contact us at to find out whether or not there are restrictions in the country you wish to ship to.

  • Are there any countries I cannot ship to?
    We do not ship to Switzerland, Malta, the Canary Islands, Iceland due to the presence of customs and restrictions on imported food products.

  • Can i ship to the UK?
    Of course, and in this case the mode changes slightly. Log in to our site, select "United Kingdom" under the search bar and proceed with your order. We will ship directly from one of our four stores in London to cut shipping costs.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
    You can pay via PayPal and credit card (Amex, MasterCard, Visa). We do not accept cash on delivery.

  • I have a VAT number: can I request an invoice?
    Certainly. You can enter the necessary data at the end of the order in the notes field and we will send you everything by email.

  • I am not satisfied with a product I have ordered: how can I return?
    If a product does not meet your expectations and you want to return it, write to and we will give you all the instructions to make the return.