Eggs, flours & preparations

When there is a shortage of eggs, flours and preparations for sweet and savoury foods in the home, it seems like everything is missing, doesn't it? The value of these products is inestimable, at least in the kitchen, where a couple of eggs can save a dinner and flour, used simply with water, can create something magical.

Our country is famous the world over for sweet and savoury preparations that have become true gems thanks to eggs and flour. But the higher the quality of the product, the more precious the result will be: for this reason, in our selection you will find only Italian, certified and high quality products

Embellish your recipes, giving them that intense fragrance that smells of tradition, by choosing between yeast, cake mixes, bases and sheets for bread and pizza. The smell of a cake or homemade bread is unbeatable, isn't it?



Small, medium or large, organic, from free-range hens or quail: not all eggs are the same! That's why you have to choose them carefully. Good thing we have already taken care of that: in this section you will find the best quality eggs, all Italian.

And if you have a birthday coming up and want to surprise your guests with delicious meringues, you can use bottled or brick egg whites.


Flour and yeast

Did you know that flour was first produced thousands of years ago? But not ours: the flours in this selection represent the best in their class, for preparing dishes that are ancient but still taste great.

Don't want to go wrong? Go for the classic flours. Feeling adventurous? Try the special flours. Need to watch your diet? Go for wholemeal flours.


Preparations, bases and pastries

Even great pastry chefs occasionally use little tricks. So why not ensure an optimal result in the kitchen with the help of cake mixes

If you don't have all day to wait for your pastry to rest or rise, we understand. That's why in our selection you will find many ready-made pastry bases and pastry sheets from the most popular brands on the market.

Treat yourself to a little help, we won't tell anyone!


Mash and polenta

There is a duo in the kitchen that shares the same colour, the joyful yellow of good food: mash and polenta! In this section, you will find specific products to prepare these delicious dishes that go well with everything.

Make sure you have some of the basic ingredients for the best traditional Italian dishes: we ship all over Italy from €9.90.

Even the most elaborate dishes often come from the simplest ingredients!


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