Easter Eggs

Celebrate Easter together with your loved ones by choosing traditional Easter foods from our huge selection: artisanal products, also gluten-free, top brands and small local companies to really please everyone!

Here you will find traditional sweets for your Easter: handcrafted colombe, also gluten-free, traditional flavor, with pistachio spread or chocolate chips; chocolate Easter eggs for the little ones, with milk, dark or white chocolate.

Also this year we have our Easter dove under the brand name le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale, classic or chocolate, soft and delicious, fluffy and tasty as if just taken out of the oven.
You will also find Easter chocolate eggs, milk and dark chocolate!

You'll find the best-loved brands!

You're spoilt for choice!

And if you want to send a gift, we ship all over Europe from 24,90€.

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41 Items

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