Le selezioni P&V Gluten-free roman pinsa 250g

Because we believe in it

The GLUTEN FREE base of Pinsa Romana, as always handcrafted. Made with the new and original gluten-free Pinsa Mix.

Preservative-free. With sourdough. Digestible and Fragrant, as good as in a pizzeria.

You can bake the pre-cooked Pinsa base in any oven that reaches a temperature of at least 220°C.

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Brand P&V choices
EAN 8052862040030
SKU 0033512
Values Because we believe in it
Without Lactose, Gluten

Water, maize starch, extra-virgin olive oil, maltodextrin, pea protein, quinoa flour, rice acid pulp, vegetable fibre (beet and Psyllium), hydroxy propyl methyl, cellulose, potato starch, salt, yeast 

Nutritional values

average values per 100g of product

Energy/Energy 967 Kj / 230 Kcal
Fats/Fats 5,9 gof which saturated fats 0,7 g
Carbohydrates 37,3 gof which sugars/of which sugar 0,4 g
Fibre/Dietary fibres 8,0 g
Protein/Proteins 3,0 g
Salt/Salt 0,98 g